Advanced Oxygen Technology

NEW! Advanced Oxygen Technology – Oxygen and hudration penetrate to the nail allowing it to stay moisturized. With Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 & Vitamin C, it nourish and hydrate while strengthen and grow nails. All-in-one longer lasting formula, cuts manicure time in half. No basecoat or topcoat needed. Part of Orly Breathable Collection.

The Purifying ONYKOLEINE Solution

The purifying ONYKOLEINE solution is of double benefit to weakened nails: if creates an environment hostile to the formation of microscopic fungi and contributes to nail regrowth. To be used in addition to an anti-fungal treatement or as a preventative treatment for weak nails suffering from fungal infection. ONYKOLEINE – SUPPLIED WEAK NAILS WITH SPECIFIC STRENGTHENING AND NUTRITIVE ELEMENTS. Can be used together with an antifungal treatment for a better effect, or as prevention against nail fungus infection.